Finally! Zero Calories and 100% Natural
SweetLeaf Stevia is a No-Brainer

Unlike artificial alternatives which contain acetic acid, formaldehyde, chloride, and other un-pronouncables, SweetLeaf Stevia is all-natural and you don't have to be a chemist just to decipher the label. Our lab is nature and a kitchen. Use SweetLeaf Stevia and get the benefit of zero calories with an all natural alternative.

SweetLeaf Stevia's Connections
Mariel Hemingway to Serve As SteviaPlus Spokesperson

Oscar-nominated actress Mariel Hemingway, granddaughter of the illustrious novelist Ernest Hemingway, has agreed to serve as a spokesperson for SteviaPlus. Click to read more.

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SweetLeaf Stevia is…

  100% Natural
  A Healthy Alternative
  Great for Cooking and Baking
  All of the Above


SweetLeaf Stevia HomepageSweetLeaf Stevia Homepage


Finally, you can supplement your food and drinks without the chemicals or calories of alternatives! SweetLeaf Stevia® offers a variety of products made from Stevia, a naturally sweet plant that is 30 times sweeter than sugar. SweetLeaf Stevia is also completely calorie-free, all-natural, and has a zero glycemic index—the perfect sweet alternative to help you lose weight and stay healthy. Cook and bake with SweetLeaf's complete line of Stevia products like SteviaPlus, SteviaClear, SteviaTabs, or one of our line of Liquid Stevia Flavors. Stir it into your coffee or tea, sprinkle onto a bowl of cereal, spice up plain yogurt—SweetLeaf Stevia uses are endless! To get more Stevia ideas, check out our delicious SweetLeaf Stevia recipes!

All Stevia products must be marketed as dietary supplements, pending FDA approval.
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